一、 单位简介

中国科学技术大学“多模态医疗影像实验室”—Lab for Multimodal Biomedical Imaging and Therapy (简称MBIT) 成立于20129月,隶属科大生物医学工程中心和工程科学学院,现有博士后3名,在读博士硕士研究生约40名,高级研究人员9名,等。实验室的研究宗旨是建立多模式医疗影像导航理论,开发便携式医疗影像系统,研制诊治一体化的新型微纳米制剂,从而对威胁现代人健康的多种疾病作智能化和个性化的诊断、治疗及预后。实验室目前主要有三大研究方向:(1)研制多模态便携式医疗影像系统,对生物组织的结构、功能和分子信息作实时影像, 从而为疾病的诊断、治疗以及预后提供量化指导;(2) 开发多功能可降解的载药微纳造影剂,对影响人类健康的重大疾病实现导航和诊治一体化; (3)研制新型生物光学仿体打印与表征一体化设备,用以模拟复杂生物系统结构功能特性和多模态影像特性, 为生物医疗影像仪器的标定和校准提供可溯源仿体标准。实验室注重与国内外政府、企业、科研单位和医疗机构建立跨学科的合作伙伴关系。最近一两年来,已接待国外合作者来访12人次,派出老师和学生赴国外知名大学访问6人次,支持课题组成员参加大型国际会议16人次,并跟国内多家科研和企业合作单位进行了学术交流和科研合作。目前课题组在研的创新团队培育项目有2项,国家基金委项目有3项,临床实验2项, 动物实验1项,总科研经费超过一千万元。


二、 招聘特聘副教授/特聘研究员

● 具有物理,光学,材料,工程或生化专业博士学位

● 在相关领域有三年以上的独立研究经验

● 在SCI学术期刊上发表过论文,有良好的科技写作和英文表达能力

● 有独立的工作能力和强烈的科研兴趣,能指导和带领本科生和研究生

● 工作认真踏实,富有责任心和团队精神

● 研究方向为其中之一: (1)生物医疗仪器,(2)微纳米药物包裹释放, (3)光机电系统设计


三、 招聘工程师及实验员

● 具有物理,光学,材料,工程或生化专业本科以上学历

● 有很强的动手能力并在相关领域有丰富的实验技能

● 个人专长和工作经历为其中之一: (1)仪器仪表设计,(2)生化材料研究及细胞/动物实验,(3)工业工程和产品化经验

● 工作认真踏实,富有责任心和团队精神,能指导和带领本科生和研究生



● 具有物理,光学,材料,工程或生化专业的本科学历

● 对生物医学工程研究有强烈的科研兴趣和刻苦钻研的精神

● 有较强的英文写作和表达能力

● 有较强的动手能力和实验技能

● 有工作经验或者科研经历者将优先考虑


五、Postdoctoral Position in Biophotonics at USTC

Description: Our group is seeking adventurous, independent, and driven candidates for post-doctoral research positions in the Multimodal Biomedical Imaging and Therapy (MBIT) lab at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). We are seeking candidates who can be leaders of experimental activities in our established research directions, as well as to help us pioneer new directions and new research. Our team is made up of several faculty members whose current projects focus on:


 Photoacoustic imaging and acoustic image reconstruction

 tissue imaging and function using diffuse optics

 fluorescence-guided surgical navigation

 multi-functional contrast agents

 super-resolution, live-cell microscopy

 image denoising and image reconstruction

 Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging

 portable instrumentation for field-diagnosis of disease

 3D printed phantoms and imaging standards for tissue and microscopic imaging


More details can be found at our website (http://www.mbit.ustc.edu.cn/). We are looking for outstanding candidates who can contribute to one or more of these directions. Background in optical physics and/or optical engineering is highly desirable, but all candidates with relevant experience will be considered. Application & Qualifications: Please submit a CV and cover letter to Zachary Smith. At least one letter of recommendation is encouraged. The successful candidate will have earned, or will be about to earn, their Ph.D. They will have demonstrated their expertise and leadership through the publication of one or more peer-reviewed journal articles as a first author. The successful candidate will be given freedom to explore independent research directions, so broad interests, creativity, and leadership should be discussed in the cover letter. Ability and interest to work in a team-based, multi-cultural work environment is desired and necessary. All forms of diversity are welcome and encouraged. Chinese language skills are NOT required, however English-language proficiency is necessary. Convenient on-campus housing can be arranged, and salary will be commensurate with experience. In exceptional cases, the applicant can be considered for appointment at Research Scientist or Assistant Professor level. About USTC: USTC is one of the premier “C9” research universities in China. USTC has a park-like atmosphere with 5 campuses, more than 16,000 students and about 1,500 highly active faculty. It is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui province. Hefei is a major city of ~5 million people, yet has a more relaxed pace than, for example, Shanghai or Shenzhen. Anhui is home to beautiful Yellow Mountain and there are many opportunities for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. The major cosmopolitan cities of Nanjing and Shanghai are easily accessible by high speed rail.